IWM provides a suite of integrated wealth management services as well as our “diversification by strategy” investment approach. Our mission is protect and grow the wealth you work so hard to accumulate.

All our services are designed to support the implementation of your Prosperity Plan, the customized financial plan we develop together at the beginning of the relationship.

Integrated Wealth Management services include:


“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin

Only 38% of U.S Investors have a written financial plan to help achieve and maintain wealth throughout retirement, according to a Gallup survey performed in 2015.  Your plan is necessary to determine the status of where you are today and what is required to achieve your financial goals in the future.

IWM’s financial planning process is thorough and “evergreen”:


Each client relationship begins with a discovery phase that allows us to understand your goals, financial picture, and current estate and income protection strategies. During this phase we will also learn if we are a good fit to work together for the long term.

Reviewing your financial picture includes a thorough analysis of your current and projected income, taxes, spending (including retirement), and other items unique to you. We have learned that the best investment strategies are those the client will adhere to, so we employ Riskalyze, a sophisticated risk tolerance tool to assess both your current portfolio as well as the one we propose.

The key deliverable from Discovery is a Prosperity Plan which includes an Investment Strategy and, for most clients, a Retirement Plan.

Assuming we are a good fit, we move to Prosperity Plan implementation.

Prosperity Plan Implementation

Our Prosperity Plan is a customized financial plan for you.

Depending on your needs, this may include direct access to our estate team or engaging specialized services like corporate trustee services or tax planning.

The Investment Strategy portion of the plan defines a comprehensive allocation of assets which targets achieving your long term goals within the parameters of your risk tolerance, incorporating future earnings/savings projections.

A unique attribute of IWM’s Investment Strategy is “diversification by strategy”. This moves beyond more conventional diversification by asset class and is intended to provide an additional measure of risk mitigation. Different strategies are also carefully mapped to your qualified vs. non-qualified accounts to optimize after-tax returns.

When clients require periodic withdrawals for retirement, IWM structures a retirement income plan which automatically provides the cash to fund that income and also considers IRS-mandated required minimum distributions for clients over the age of 70 and ½.

Prosperity Plan Progress Review & Update

Over the course of our relationship, things will change – your goals, life events and health, tax laws, budget needs, and many others.

During the Prosperity Plan progress review and update (which may be calendar or event driven), we will re-evaluate your goals, financial picture, risk tolerance, and investment portfolio, revalidating or modifying what we discussed and planned during original discovery and making changes to the strategy if required.

In addition to personalized progress reviews, IWM provides “any time” on line access to your entire portfolio including comprehensive performance analytics.

We are qualified in partnering with you through life’s events, for example:

  • Retirement
  • Loss of spouse
  • Relocation or career change
  • Sale of a business
  • Sale of home, land or other valuable asset
  • Transfer of wealth to heirs

It can be difficult to navigate any of the above situations without proper guidance.  Our team of seasoned professionals possess the knowledge and qualifications necessary to assist you through even the most difficult planning decisions.


IWM has advised clients through two full market cycles. Based on that experience, we have developed an institutional investment approach modeled on the strategy employed by successful institutional investors, adopting those principles and scaling them to individual investors.

Even in the euphoria of market “good times”, we don’t forget the catastrophic effect large loss has on portfolios that must support years of retirement income.

At IWM, we believe that proper investment management begins with a proper risk assessment for each individual client; this is central to successful investing. IWM uses an innovative web-based software program called Riskalyze, a risk based risk assessment tool, to establish a client risk number ranging from one to one hundred. Clients are then linked to risk based models matching their Riskalyze score. IWM target risk models offer a range of volatility and expected return consistent with each client’s comfort levels and expectations.

IWM also utilizes an innovative unified account management (UMA) platform for managing clients’ accounts. This unique approach to investment management is highly appropriate for today’s changing investment climate and separates IWM from its peers. IWM target risk models combine as many six different investment strategies simultaneously, typifying the uniqueness of IWM’s UMA.

IWM employs a combination of tactical and strategic investment strategies as part of its “diversify by investment strategy” methodology. Strategy weightings are monitored on a continual basis as are various managers. We believe that this approach is necessary for today’s sophisticated markets. Strategies include stocks, exchange traded funds and mutual funds.

Alternative investments strategies, which typically don’t correlate to public stock or bond markets are also utilized to lower overall portfolio volatility.

The IWM approach to investing utilizing a target risk score, unified managed accounts and a “diversify by investment strategy” approach including alternative investments, truly makes us unique. Let us introduce this institutional approach to you today!


The cornerstone of our relationships is providing our clients with the confidence to be financially secure during retirement. This requires striking a delicate balance between continuing to accumulate and preserving assets while generating a sustainable income stream from those assets. It requires building a robust portfolio which can endure market and life events. We focus on knowing our clients personally. and to understand their intentions so that we can design a tailored income strategy that is tax-efficient and balanced.

As people live longer and the income guarantees provided by private employer pension plans are rapidly diminishing, Social Security Maximization is becoming an increasingly important component of total retirement income. Given the increased financial risks that retirees now face, innovative strategies are essential to help maximize the benefits that can help sustain them during retirement.

IWM has the knowledge to help our clients navigate Social Security so that they can better evaluate their choices and optimize their decisions. We counsel our clients on how to avoid costly mistakes, how to bridge the gap until higher Social Security benefits can begin and how to integrate each spouse’s benefits to provide optimal income and protection.


An optimized tax strategy plays a vital role in maintaining and growing your net worth. IWM’s president is himself a CPA, and the IWM team is experienced in providing basic tax guidance as part of our Prosperity Planning. For more complex tax guidance, we proactively encourage involvement of tax professionals who can help navigate intricate tax law. At your request, we ensure your CPA or other tax professionals have the information they need for tax preparation and other related matters.


We strive to effectively assist you in achieving your estate planning goals with dedicated, personal and skilled legal representation.  IWM works with you, your legal and tax advisors and corporate trustees to help establish an estate plan that is efficient, orderly and structured with your goals as the primary focus. Most of all, we value what your intentions are, what is important to you and the legacy you want to leave. Our collaborative approach ensures a truly seamless integration of various disciplines under one umbrella

Sound planning is the foundation for a successful outcome. A proper estate plan protects you during your lifetime and ensures that your assets transition in accordance with your wishes and in alignment with your values. In order to assist our clients in this process, we’ve developed strategic relationships with estate attorneys, CPA’s and corporate trustees.


Through our strategic alliance, we help you source independent trust management services with impartiality and an unparalleled adherence to duty. Through corporate trustee services, you can control your assets by having your trust administered in accordance with your wishes in a professional and independent manner.


Insurance needs are often neglected or misunderstood.  IWM works with you to help identify the need for life, disability or long-term care insurance and will work with our expert partners to ensure that need is met.  Whether it is for income replacement, tax efficiency, business continuation or easing the emotional burden of care, we make sure that your premium dollars are maximized and that you have the right type and amount of insurance.

  • Insurance
  • Life
  • Disability
  • Critical Care
  • Long Term Care