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The cornerstone of our relationships is providing our clients with the confidence to be financially secure during retirement. This requires striking a delicate balance between continuing to accumulate and preserving assets while generating a sustainable income stream from those assets. It requires building a robust portfolio which can endure market and life events. We focus on knowing our clients personally, and to understand their intentions so that we can design a tailored income strategy that is tax-efficient and balanced.

As people live longer and the income guarantees provided by private employer pension plans are rapidly diminishing, Social Security Maximization is becoming an increasingly important component of total retirement income. Given the increased financial risks that retirees now face, innovative strategies are essential to help maximize the benefits that can help sustain them during retirement.

IWM has the knowledge to help our clients navigate Social Security so that they can better evaluate their choices and optimize their decisions. We counsel our clients on how to avoid costly mistakes, how to bridge the gap until higher Social Security benefits can begin and how to integrate each spouse’s benefits to provide optimal income and protection.