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Craig Harting

Chief Operations Officer

Craig is the Chief Operating Officer and currently also serves as the Chief Compliance Officer. Most of his work is done “behind the scenes” to improve IWM’s investment management, client services and back office processes, with the goal of delighting clients and IWM employees and improving IWM efficiency.. His expertise in business process automation has led us to implement advanced new tools like Riskalyze to provide superior model portfolio solutions. He previously worked as an investment advisor with Brent following a 30 year career with Honeywell where he served as both vice president of marketing and vice president of operations for a Honeywell strategic business unit based in Phoenix.

Craig and his wife Dria currently live in Charlotte, N.C. to be close to grandchildren, share their home with a dog and 3 cats, and are frequent travelers. Craig is golf-obsessed and listens to golf talk radio as well as spending hours at the practice range enjoying the sunshine.